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Crafting bespoke, high-quality WordPress websites tailored to embody our clients’ distinct brand identities and elevate your online presence. By delivering exceptional designs, reliable hosting and meticulous maintenance, we fuel your digital success.

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Crafting bespoke, high-quality WordPress websites tailored to embody our clients’ distinct brand identities, elevating their online presence. From design excellence to seamless hosting and meticulous maintenance, we’re here to fuel your digital success.


We specialise in designing, hosting & maintaining WordPress websites.


We partner with digital agencies to deliver services for their clients.

Proudly African

Based in South Africa, we seamlessly serve clients across the African continent.

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About us…

At WeaverWorx, we transcend the role of mere website designers. We are narrators, architects of digital realms, and protectors of your virtual identity.

Our approach is rooted in forging deep connections with our clients, collaboratively shaping your digital footprint with custom website designs that reflect your unique brand personality. Whether personal blogs, vibrant business websites or comprehensive catalogue-style platforms, we excel in creating awesome designs that perfectly resonate with your objectives and aspirations. Our skill set focuses on turning your concepts into visually stunning and highly functional digital environments that enhance online visibility.

Our Services

We combine comprehensive website support with strategic graphic design and engaging content writing to ensure your online presence is not only functional, but also creates compelling digital experiences that reflect your brand’s unique identity, resonating with your target audience.

Website Design

New websites, redesigns & refreshes.


Fast, secure & reliable WordPress hosting.


Minor fixes to major updates.

Auxiliary Services

Website design is just the beginning. We go the extra mile by providing a suite of integrated services that elevate your online presence.

Basic Graphic Design

Logos, icons, labels, flyers, business cards…

Social Media Setup

We assist you in setting up your social media accounts.

Domain Registration

We assist you in securing your own unique URL.

Content Writing

Let us craft your upcoming blog or social media posts.

Business Email

Professionalise your email with an @yourdomain address.

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Website Design

Crafting new websites. Revitalising tired online presences.

A website is your digital storefront, vital for brand promotion, online presence, and audience engagement. It’s your gateway for customers to explore, engage, and connect globally.

We’re dedicated to translating your vision into a professional, resonant digital identity, ensuring your online footprint reflects the heart and soul of your unique brand story.


Professional Look & Feel


Mobile Friendly


Immersive Effects


Speed Optimisation


Social Media Integration


Search Engine Optimisation

Website Maintenance

Websites need maintenance to ensure they remain secure, functional, and user-friendly over time.

Our maintenance solutions cater to various needs: from intensive ongoing maintenance for consistent upkeep, to pay-as-you-go options for occasional support, and audits to identify and address any underlying issues.

Whether it’s regular updates, security checks, or optimising performance, we provide comprehensive solutions to keep your website in top shape.

Trust us with your digital space…

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Ongoing Maintenance

Our Maintenance Plan ensures your website’s top performance with hands-on monitoring consisting of regular updates, security checks, and backups. We proactively manage your site for peak functionality, security, and user experience, keeping it running smoothly.


Ad-Hoc Maintenance

Introducing our ad-hoc pay-as-you-go website maintenance service for occasional support needs. No long-term contracts required. Simply send us a support request, approve the estimate, and we’ll swiftly address your website issues. Hassle-free support, precisely when you need it.



Unlock your website’s potential with our thorough Website Audit service! We’ll scrutinise every aspect, pinpointing performance issues. Receive a detailed report with personalised recommendations to enhance functionality and user experience. From technical fixes to SEO optimisation, we’ve got you covered.

Hosting server


We provide fast and reliable hosting on our South African-based servers, optimised for secure and fast WordPress hosting.

Our hosting plans are tailored to suit a spectrum of needs, from small startup websites to extensive catalogue-style business websites.

Additionally, we offer assistance with domain registrations and SSL certification for enhanced security.

Content Writing

Well-crafted website content is the backbone of online presence, acting as the digital voice of a business. It’s not just about filling space; it’s about engaging visitors, conveying brand identity, and ultimately driving conversions.

We collaborate closely with our clients to craft compelling content that resonates with their target audience.


Blog Posts


Product Descriptions


Static Page Content


All content we create is proofread to rectify spelling, grammar, punctuation, or formatting errors.


We write in English and Afrikaans.

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Graphic Design

We breathe life into your brand identity across all touchpoints. From crafting iconic logos and eye-catching social media graphics to designing captivating packaging and impactful marketing materials, we ensure a cohesive visual language that resonates with your audience. This is especially valuable for launching new brands or revitalising existing ones. By collaborating closely with you, we’ll create a unified visual experience that sets you apart.








Business Cards






Social Media Post & Cover Images


Bottle Labels

Partnered for success

We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of brands over the years, offering a mix of services including website design, maintenance, and graphic design. From start-ups to established companies, we continue to serve and support a variety of clients, ensuring that their digital presence thrives.

Browse our portfolio to see some of our most recent projects…

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